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Cracked leaf! Need help asap

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ok so i am in moab for spring break just wheelin some trails and I started hear this loud sound. I stopped my x and looked under the car and saw my rear driverside bottom leaf cracked in half but was still connected to the sway bar. I am driving back to colorado on Wednesday. Does this need to be fixed before I drive back? If so, how much will it cost or what can i do? Thanks for the help!
I have a first gen 2000 xterra.
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is that the leaf that connects to your rear shackle? The one that has a loop on the end? If it is, I highly recommend that you didnt drive it. If it isn't, I would at least remove that broken leaf before your trip. Your truck wont ride level but you could at least limp home.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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