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Sorry, but I can't help you there, since I have no information, but I'm curious what units you have used and what keeps going bad with them. Is it the bearing? Camshaft position sensor? Coil?

I read all kinds of horror stories here, so I drive with an extra in the back. When mine went out (the original at 200,000 miles), I installed the spare, which was the cheapest rebuild off ebay. It's been good so far for 11,000 miles. I bought and tested a Bravex that's in the back now. I'm in this thing for $70 so far and no problems. I have in mind that I'd get the official Nissan rebuild if and when this one goes bad, but I'm just not seeing the problems people are reporting.

I ask because I'm curious and want to do some research about what to recommend. Maybe I can help bump it for you too.


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The distributor in my 01 4x4 keeps going out! Can I convert to distributorless ignition???
Sometimes I hate getting involved in these questions because I will always look like an asshole.. so apologies now for the mini rant... A simple answer just wouldnt have done it (pull the perspective camera back).

There are a couple universal kits available but your talking $600+ a kit ON TOP OF THAT you would often need to get into a stand alone engine management system like a HalTech or AEM but now your compounding another $500-1200 and likely would be a waste of money as a shortcut to something you would likely NEVER use to its full potential really. Plus tuning & Dyno times at $125 an hr+ and its not done in an hr just so we're clear.

To be honest and bluntly so, some things you just cant buy on the cheap side. Buy an OEM part, or a quality rebuild AWAY from Autism Zone or O'really's. If you look at the commonality of all the issues if all are being honest in reporting the issues as the occurred and only a couple things will stand out as the failure points outside of poor design possibly. I have a hard time understanding why people will waste money on a copy of a so called quality product to have a fake version of it, IF its a quality product because i can say and admit there are some times what i am going into doesn't apply. An example in this sense would be "BEATS" - By Dre headphones.. I'm sorry but if you know sound quality at all, those things sound like garbage for what you spend on them. Which goes on to say people obviously have NO IDEA what they're buying a lot of times. Its shear emotional motivated transactions on knee jerk trends..

I get the fact every ones under the pretense that everything that is expensive is or must be a rip off but truth is quality comes into effect here more often than not in almost every industry. If you are aware of something in particular and its cost factors. keeping in mind a shop probably pays 15-20% less than Joe Public and 10% of a basic 30 point marketing system is left for profitability (hypothetical numbers here) If original Product a) is $400 and unknown Product b) is $80.

Let me Pose two questions to you.
1) Assuming everyone is trying to make 30 points of profit (industry wide standard, often its less unless you ARE the manufacture). How do you think Product B is profiting? Do you think they gave up all their profit to supply you with a near cost of manufacturing deal? HOW cheap are THEY making it to stay in business? And if they were really smart; why not make it as cheap as they are and sell it for $400 too and make all the money? WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE money on the table? What screwed up business model is that? the oh we'll steal customers and do volume business model. Really?!

2) Would you assume that all of the parts used were of the highest quality possible in order to minimize failure rates like the original and that the original part(s) are just a gouging? If that's the case, WHY didn't the manufacture give you a lifetime warranty on the component?

I'm not trying to be a Jack here, I just wanted to point out what most people dont have a clue about in marketing, manufacturing, and costs of business, among other things because of the Walmart/eBay mentalities because there is a reality many forget, and it often isnt OUR own reality's.

I get it everyone wants what they cant have due to society's driven force of instant gratification and while we're being honest here. Heres some circle logic for all to consider. We all complain that we dont have the disposable income to spend on our projects and toys, well some have more than others but they also have real jobs. Believe it or not that all changed around 2004-2005, thats not been a near forever thing or even remotely close. And the height of all these Chinese based products flooding the market place has done away with your increase in incomes. Economics 101.

Ever put to thought that the more chinese/taiwan shit we buy puts people like you an me out of work or lessens the wage opportunities in order for US manufacturing to be competitive? They tax the shit out of our goods, and we let them walk in for practically free.

Heres an example.
"By producing the majority of its vehicles in China, Cadillac is able to avoid the country’s hefty vehicle import tax and, as a result, price its vehicles competitively in the marketplace. That wasn’t the case in years past, as Cadillacs sold in China were significantly more expensive than the competition (and even more expensive than they cost in the United States), making the vehicles not attractive purely from a pricing standpoint. Of course, having good marketing and other supporting operations helps as well, but not nearly as much as having a car that’s adequately priced to its segment and market."


So here's the difference ALL of the Nissans and the Infinity line of vehicles are made here in the US paying US workers, US Dollars.. and we all know line work starts at around $28.28 an hr. Lets compare that with the $17 a day a Chinese worker gets paid after the conversion of wages is done? Where do you think if you owned a large corporation would you put your plants to save money on overhead, taxation, wages and benefits, lack of environmental regulations, and oh yea, that nasty word called "Profit"; All American pride aside? Questions?

It's a vicious circle but it starts with supporting your own, break the mold and escape the societal templates.. Be a part of investing into this country through small business and locally if preferred.
There is a saying I have had in my sig since day 1 and it reads "Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur. Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur" It's a phrase from a dead language, Latin. Google its meaning.

And lets add to the perspective. Original part on average has been lasting most people 180-200k. A large percentage of people buying after market replacements at above stated big box stores have issues well before 50k miles and some others even before 30K. Why do you think that is?
Why would you buy a part not worth its own weight in lead?

If your only answer is "I can't afford it". Then maybe you should be looking as to why that is... Mismanagement of income/funds? Only one income stream? Too much going out? Over extended in debt? Shopaholic? Spend more than you make?

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