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P0445 or 445 P0445, the guy at AZ was bein a dick... but anyways, i have that code, my KS code of course, and my IAT code {which will be taken care of shortly} and my SES light is on.
Heres what I THINK it is, actually im pretty dang sure...
so i bought the x from my mom, and she told me when she filled the tank up all the way, it leaked gas, and im just like no it doesnt you just dont take the dang pump out right or something, but i just finally filled it up for the first time since i have had it the other day (im broke, of course its never full), and sure as heck there was gas drippin off my skid plate on my tank, and a nice sized puddle on the ground!!!
any ideas, suggestions? i dont have money to bring it in so its gonna be a project of my own, just be kinda sweet to be pointed in some direction instead of goin in blind...

1 more thing, i just did the soccerbrace intake mod, and notice my air box is DIRTY, like i took a picture to show you how filthy it is, wasnt like this when i first got it, but it hadnt been offroaded yet, and now its caked with mud... but i work at a car wash, so its always clean as soon as its dirty...thinking about puttin a screen on my intake from my fender. good idea or bad consequences?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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