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ClubX stickers

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Well we now have the stickers you can order them here
Click Me.... when you recieve them post some pics to show us where you put them.....
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I still dont know what I'm getting...Probably a large one in style #3 n a couple small ones....
we need to get this posted permanently on the home page... LOL
i ordered mine.... 2 small #3 in silver
yeah i got 2 small for the back side windows and the large #4 i think it is for the rear.... i will post some pics when i get back from out of town.....
i will have some posted sometime this week...
looks good i might have to put a sticker or 2 up there as well... LOL
ha i have one for ya.. i put my style #4 large on the rear view mirror yesterday and today my drivers side leaf is shot and reversed my shackel.. LOL
creepy i will look at it tonight and see if it can be pulled apart.....this is a good idea and now i can get rid of the plain xterra sticker over it.. LOL
i will try to pull it off tomorrow and see about shipping proab monday or tuesday... sound good
well i finaly got around to putting mine on....LOL here are the pics....
I am a rolling billboard for CX

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with it being a big and i mean big sticker i got a couple of wrinkles and a few bubbles i couldn't get out.... but all in all other than it being a little tilted i love it.. LOL
im not at liberty to say other than the site says $25 i believe but i could be wrong......
the thing that messed me up... was the wind, right as soon as i went to line it up the wind blew and stuck the middle..... oh well i love it and i don't care what anybody else says.. LOL
your welcome... LOL
well i forgot all about the soapy water... but when i get tired of the way it looks i will remove it and do it right.. LOL but unless you walk up close it isnt bad.. LOL
my boss asked me if i was getting paid for the advertisement... LOL
hey creepy i should have that 3rd brake light removed and hopefully shipped tomorrow.....
there has been a few members on here that had the xtreme edition Xterra... i forgot who they were but there are pics on this site of there X....
i was dealer options... i will see if i can find the pages....
1 - 20 of 1901 Posts
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