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ClubX stickers

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Well we now have the stickers you can order them here
Click Me.... when you recieve them post some pics to show us where you put them.....
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omg! finally!!!
its a miracle!
i ordered mine, 2 small style #1 in primer grey!
bump to the top

i love surprises!!
oh man welcome back!
for those unaware, creepy is still selling the regional stickers, even though there are no regional sections on the site, theres no reason you cant rep where you reside
Yes, First Gen 3rd Brake Light Cover, Json Was Sending His 3rd Brake Light In To Todd So He Could Make Us 1st Gen'rs A Stickar Too!!!
i had it for a while too, in fact, json saw mine before he bought his:)
but mine is no longer on there
they were removed back then, but creepy said he was gettin requests
id get the wall clock fo shiz
and the middle sign
greed man
but as far as what you talked with json about, you take your time with that no rush, just dont undercut yourself on pricing, friend
for those that are new and dont know
todd is THE MAN!!
ALWAYS takes care of his fellow CX members
there are 5 xterras in my apt complex, inluding an 09, carded all of em yesterday
lol @ 'dropping the ball'
creepy, i merged the 2 sticker threads that were stickied

hope you dont mind buddy
dude omg i love the hybrid one!!!
i ordered some stuff, its been a while for sure
i just ordered more stickers

johann's X made me want stickers
im excited for my new stuff, i even ordered the light up hitch cover, lol

i shoulda ordered some business cards but i forgot
1 - 19 of 1901 Posts
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