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ClubX stickers

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Well we now have the stickers you can order them here
Click Me.... when you recieve them post some pics to show us where you put them.....
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Just put in an order of two in style #2 in a nice bright orange. Figured that would work with my X's natural red color, plus, it's bright enough for people to take notice and check out the club.

Thanks for getting these to us!
json3904 said:
there has been a few members on here that had the xtreme edition Xterra... i forgot who they were but there are pics on this site of there X....
Just caught the part in this thread about the curiousness of the "Xtreme" edition of the Xterra. My '01 is an "Xtreme" version. Probably not a whole lot different than other X's other than:

The leather seats with the Xtreme logo
Xtreme logo badges on outside front & hatch doors
In-dash 6 disc cd changer (standard)

Other than that, I don't think it has any major differences. I even checked my 2001 Xterra brochure (yes, I have one :wink: ) for any changes, but, the "Xtreme" version wasn't even mentioned. Maybe it came out in 2000?

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in....
1 - 2 of 1901 Posts
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