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ClubX stickers

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Well we now have the stickers you can order them here
Click Me.... when you recieve them post some pics to show us where you put them.....
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omg! finally!!!
its a miracle!
i ordered mine, 2 small style #1 in primer grey!
I still dont know what I'm getting...Probably a large one in style #3 n a couple small ones....
bump to the top
we need to get this posted permanently on the home page... LOL
Ricer-X, your order has been shipped. and since you where the first one to use the new link we tossed in a little bonus for you, lol.

Have fun!

i love surprises!!
i ordered mine.... 2 small #3 in silver
its like DEJAVU i was driving home today from rutgers and totally decided we needed to get stickers and i logged on to post a thread and i saw we do indeed have some

Just put in an order of two in style #2 in a nice bright orange. Figured that would work with my X's natural red color, plus, it's bright enough for people to take notice and check out the club.

Thanks for getting these to us!
All orders thus far have been shipped

Have fun guys!
I know I'm just a noob, But I ordered mine too !! Thanks...
I'm in for two. Ought to replace that Kawasaki sticker, and the stupid lizard that this thing came with.
jsut ordered my stickers. got a #1,3,and 4. one for the x, one for the trailer, and a spare for whatever. you guys rock for getting this done finally. i was just thinking about it a week or two ago before i got back from the desert, how sweet it would be to finally get some stickers......i finally get home, and to my surprise, there they are. can't wait to get the in and get them on the x. cudos to all involved for getting these out there for us. i look forward to spotting other x's on the road with the clubx tag

oh man welcome back!
All 3 orders from today have been shipped.

Have fun guys!
Creepy Cruiser said:
All 3 orders from today have been shipped.

Have fun guys!
Sweet! Thanks. Now if only the guy with my headlights was that good.
I'll post some pics when I get the stickers on.
Post some pictures up with the stickers on your X..I would like to see how they look!
1 - 20 of 1901 Posts
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