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Hey guys, just checking the waters. As all of us Xterra owners find it hard to part with our rigs, not only because of the work and upgrades, but the performance we get out of them. But then we have those moments in life where things change.
With that said, what im looking at is possibly selling or trading for a stock or lifted frontier. I need a truck.
I have an 07 S, manual with 170k.

Front: Bilstien 5100 coil over with nismo coils.
SPC upc uppers, mevotec lca w/camber bolts.

Rear: old man emu/dakar w/aal
Bilstien 5100 shocks,
Stock rear shackles.

Mods and upgrades:
Habitat off-road rear direct frame mount recovery points.
Off-road gorilla rear axle breather mod
Off-road gorilla rough stuff rear diff plate
Front bumper mod for more clearance.
Heps design drop in roof rack
Hi-lift jack and mounts
Shovel mounts
On board air( smittybuilt)

Armor: full shrockworks skids minus trans skid because its a manual.
Heafty rock sliders.

Interior: basic cobra cb.
Raingler net in rear.
Built in mod in back for traction boards.
Real B&M T-handle out of a super B lol

Recent work done.
Brand new Sachs clutch.
Magnaflow primary cats
Gibson cat back exhaust w/ss dynomax tail pipe.
Brand new 285/75/16 dick cepek extreme country tires with 4 matching spares. One on a matching wheel.
Brand new u-joints in front drive shaft.
New SPC upcs
New mevotec lcas/with new camber bolts.
Over $5k since last year
And $3k in the past years on armor and mods, including first set of tires.

Thanks for looking.
Once again, we all know how much money we have into our rigs and kbb value. You can never sell our upgrated rigs to the non nissan enthusiast, so I though id check on the forums.

Trade for frontier, or sell. [email protected]
Or text, 413-579-2172
Location, Chester ma. MAKE OFFER

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Is that better? Everyone on here should know what a KBB would be for the year and mileage, + lift, upgrades and mods. If I traded it in, I would strip it and sell all the upgrades and bring it back to stock. Its a good rig to go further in upgrades. Most of the group runs and events ive done, have Proven to be successful. I felt no need to go to a higher lift. Never needed a winch or lockers on blues. Preferably where I was comfortable.

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