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Changing a windshield sprayer on a 2007 Xterra?!

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I am having trouble getting to the hose of my windshield sprayer because I can't remove the wipers or plastic. My drivers side windshield sprayer is clogged and no amount of poking it with a needle fixes it so I need to get to the hose.
I got under the hood and was able to take out the plastic pins, but when I try to take off the windshield wipers, it looks like they are suction cupped in there and I don't want to pull too hard and break something.
I have a couple pictures showing my problem.
I unscrewed the wipers but they won't come out.
Has anyone replaced a windshield sprayer on a 2007 Xterra before? Or know how to get off the plastic panelling?
Much appreciated!


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