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So I was here a while ago troubleshooting my xterra. Well I did a compression test and every cylinder was "ok" but # 1 had like 70 psi. I put oil in the cylinder and it went up to 150 psi. Which tells me the rings or cylinder walls are damaged. I have found used SC longblocks but the yards around here want almost 2 grand for one, without the blower even, and it had 300,000km!

So, my question is can I take a regular garden variety vg33 and use the intake/blower on it instead? I know the SC pistons are different and the compression ratio is lower, but I thought it might work anyway. My friend who builds VG motors in Seattle told me it would be fine as long as I didn't crank up the boost past stock, which I didn't plan on doing anyway. He said it will actually have more power anyway.

I found a VG33E with 135,000km on it for 850. A lot cheaper and the compression is good according to the yard.

Anyway TIA for your help!
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