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Can I reroute all valve cover breathers on sc 3.3?

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I'm replacing my knock sensor and while disassembling everything, I'm alarmed at the oil residue in the throttle body, the intake port past the TB and the supercharger/collector. I am planning to put on an oil catch can and really want to route all the valve cover breathers through it rather than the two going to the intake and the third going into the supercharger itself. Can this be done? Originally I wanted to have the oil catch can after the pcv but I really don't want the two, what I assume are also vent hoses from the driver's side routing into the intake with their oily air.

Is it possible to route them all to a catch can, then into the sc where the pcv hose is connected and bypass the two hoses which enter before the TB? Or is there another way to rid my system of all oily air from the valve covers?
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I hooked one up. Nastiness fills the catch can. I'm surprised any vehicle runs when it is pumped back into the intake.
I don't know how effective it is. If you do it, you need to make sure the oil catch can will breathe. My catch can, while it caught much crap, did not have a breather and seemed to be causing too much pressure in the crankcase, too much pressure from the pcv valve and forcing more oil into the main intake just past the MAF. Perhaps two catch cans would be better, both very high flow or with breather filters, one for the pcv to sc and one from the crankcase metal tube to the main air intake just post maf. I removed my oil catch can for the time being.
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