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So the question is for anyone with a Calmini SAS running their Sway Bar System;

The connecting links they provided are the wrong length and cannot be reworked.

The links that came with the kit are 9 and 5/8” (9.625”) eye to eye when closed as seen in photo.

These links look different than the ones shipped to others in the past. A guy over on Ronin post these pictures;

Mine uses a “homemade looking” welded ½” threaded rod with female Spherical rod end whereas the older ones use threaded tube with male spherical rod ends.

I do not know the length of the old link yet.

With the truck at rest (as shown) there is about 1/2” between the front of the anti-sway arm and the shock perch mount. If it cycles up it will make contact.
There is at least 3” of up travel before the axle hits the bump stop. So it seems as if the arms are not bent out enough;

or the links are too long or something we are not thinking of…

The kit came without instructions or packing list.

Calmini “customer service” and “Tech Support” have been unresponsive to date.

Thanks for any help.
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