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CAI install Question

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I just recieved the Weapon WR intake. After assembling it i found that it didnt have a spot for the air temp sensor that is in the tube. This is on the 2.4l engine. From what i can tell this just tells if the air temp is too high. The directions say to just leave the short pipe attached with the sensor in it. After reading that this just checks for high temp that its not imperative for it to be in the intake tube im still not sure if i should just drill a hole in my brand new intake for the sensor.

what do you think?
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the super 44 by flowmaster claims to be the most agressive and loudest muffler that flowmaster makes. i would do that if i had the money right now
Thats what i have heard...i just want to be loud and have that deep throaty sound.
If you want a performance gain, I would go with the magnaflow over the flowmaster.
Magnaflow actually sounds really good IMO, I might just put that on mine. I have a Gibson cat back right now. I want to just ditch it. I think I am going to dump the pipe down after the muffler. That's what I wanna do at least.
i am really thinking hard about cutting my exhaust off right before the muffler and keep it that way until i decide to do something about it... I was going to wait until i get headers but who knows how long that will be with my current budget..
The answer to all the 4cly problems................... SR20DET.................. lol that would be a cool swap..... anyone know if its been done before
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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