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CAI install Question

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I just recieved the Weapon WR intake. After assembling it i found that it didnt have a spot for the air temp sensor that is in the tube. This is on the 2.4l engine. From what i can tell this just tells if the air temp is too high. The directions say to just leave the short pipe attached with the sensor in it. After reading that this just checks for high temp that its not imperative for it to be in the intake tube im still not sure if i should just drill a hole in my brand new intake for the sensor.

what do you think?
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i have heard alot about weapon-r. some good some bad.

its hard to say. your temp senser needs to go into the intake. maybe drill some holes to make it fit and seal it with some silicon. aka "clear caulk"

that sould do it. but make sure you drill holes smaller then the screws.

hope this helps
and is it the dragon or secret weapon?? let me know how it goes
I would say that the ATS is just that and is read by the ECM all the time for the temperature (not just high or over temp). I'd try and mount it as close as I could to the air intake so it reads the air from the same environment that is being drawn in.
Remember if it is reading a higher temp than the intake air it is likely to make the engine run slightly lean. The opposite applies if it is reading colder air than is being drawn in.
Sounds like i just need to drill the hole and put the gromet in from the other plastic tube then insert the sensor so that it gets acurate air temp

Oh yea this is the dragon intake
tell me how it goes! and do ya like it
I drilled a hole and used a gasket in a tube stuff. Came out pretty well!

I am waiting for my exhaust to see the full affect. But i like the sound! more in so more out...


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yeah there was a fella who put one of these in a couple months ago. and i told him to drill it and stick it in and insulate it with silicon. it worked for him
ya thats very true. what exhuast are you going with? any ideas?
I have found a shop that will install a pro flo muffler for 150 so i think i will go with that. It is supposed to have the flow without a annoying sound at highway speeds cause its double layer.

What do you think?
im not that falimiar with that moffler. but i have a flowmaster 40 replica. there patient ran out and so other comanies started making the 40 for cheaper. i got that installed for 144. see if you can talk them down a bit.

and also remove your resonator. that will make it sound alot better.

and if yo want to go all out. tell them to fabricate something to replace that restrictive y pipe. thats what i got in plan. some guys have done that and have seen about a 10 hp increase. its work trying to me.

i have a airiad inake. love it. i couldn't be happier with my x.
i dont have a resonator or y pipe i have the 4cyl
I am putting in a Flowmaster Super 40 Delta in a week or 2 to replace my magnaflow. Hopefully it will sound better that what I currently have.

I am not familiar with the 4-cylinder at all and infact I have never seen one or worked on one. How is it to drive?? I know my 6-cyl is slow but thats because of all my mods.
Suprisingly not bad at all. I went through parts at the dunes that my cousin got his 4x4 stuck. I am doing some performance upgrades just to give it that little umph and cause its fun! After i add the ARB locker and some tires. Which brings me to weather or not i should get agressive tires for the rear and AT tires for the front since they are not under power. Dont think it would look that cool but seems functional.
yeah but if you get into mud, AT tires are not great for steering you through it. Is that a KA24DE under the hood of that?? If so, thats the same engine thats in my '94 Altima
Yes it is. thats actually one of the reasons i bought it i have always had good luck with these engines
nice!! yeah great engine. I have 126,000 on my altima engine and its still running strong.
So Kyle you dont like your magnaflow? I was thinking about getting a magnaflow ...why dont you like it?
i have a magnaflow dual on mine, i love it. its got an agressive sound, but not too loud.
Im just curious what would give me the best deep, throaty sound like mine has now with no muffler...
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