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I have a Hayes Brake Controller I'm trying to install on my 08 X. Bought an adapter, plugged it in under the dash to the controller port and realized its not the right adapter (doesn't plug into the Hayes plug). Decided to just hardwire it, so I cut the plug off at the Hayes end and "spark". Dumbass me forgot to disconnect the battery. So I am assuming one of the wires going to the plug is hot & my cutters grounded one out and popped a fuse. Searched and pulled almost every fuse I could find beneath the hood & the ones near the glove box. Nothing was blown. Everything electrical works too. All lights signals, power to the 7 pin on the trailer plug - everything. So, I have two questions. There are 5 wires going to the plug (Teal, Black, Brown, Red & Orange). According to my test light, the only ones which have power are the teal one, only when brake pedal is depressed though and the Red one, only when I turn on headlights. Can anyone tell me which is supposed to be hot (+) & which is ground. Also, since I don't seem to have a hot wire down here, can anyone tell me where the elusive fuse might be for this unknown color wire I might have shorted? Am I missing something? Thanks in advanced.

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