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Bleeding ABS on 2012 Xterra

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How do I bleed the ABS module on my 2012 Xterra.
Is there a way to do it without a pro scan tool?
My Brake pedal is sinking and have already replaced the master cylinder.
No ABS or check engine light.

Thank You
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I don’t believe the abs module has a bleeding procedure at all. If the vehicle was driven with air in the system and the abs activated then it may be difficult or impossible to remove all air. Check the service manual, I believe it’s just bled at each wheel. I’ve never used a scan tool to bleed any nissan vehicle
Question here is did you or whomever replaced the master cylinder bleed the brakes at all four wheels to eliminate air from the system? That process should drive any air from the ABS.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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