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Better Buy?

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Hi guys, I'm looking at two Xterras and am trying to determine which would be the better purchase. I'm currently looking at a 2001 SE that has 122k miles and is listed at $3999 and a 2006 OR with 154k miles listed for $6995. I'm wondering if it is a true OR, it does have the rear diff lock, but no VDC switch or any offroad badging on the sides. I'm leaning towards the 2006 simply because it's a newer vehicle and the engine has more power, but the low mileage of the 2001 is very tempting. I've been researching the common issues to look for, but I guess my question is which vehicle do you guys think would be the better buy for reliability, price etc? The 2001 has a pretty good carfax with what looks to me to have a pretty decent maintenance history (a lot of vehicles I've looked at have hardly had any info). The 2006 has quite a bit of service history as well, but a lot of it was emissions inspections (it was a Pennsylvania vehicle). Thanks is advance!

If I posted this in the wrong area please feel free to delete or move, I wasn't sure.
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I have an 01 SE myself. I'd say that $3999 seems a bit pricey, but I guess that depends on condition and extras. I'd also say that you could do an awful lot to the 01 with the $3000 you'd save not buying the 06. 122k for an X isn't much if properly maintained. You should get another 100k easily.
PS: If I recall correctly, the 06 models are also prone to SMOD (Strawberry milkshake of death) due to the transmission cooling lines being intermingle with the engine radiator. Hugely expensive to repair if it occurs, and fairly costly to make the modifications necessary to prevent.
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