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Bent UCA??

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I have the AC UCA's and I never thought about it but I was replacing the ball joints not long ago and the passenger side I could hardly get out, on the drivers side I used a socket set to remove the bots on the ball joint, it was very easy, on the passenger side I could not fit a socket in to loosen the bolts there was no room, I could hardly fit in a wrench.. It almost could not even get the bolt out of the UCA because the head was so wide. I am just wondering if anyone else had had these problems.. I bought them on XOC from a guy going upgrading to a SAS, he had flipped his rig but it landed on the opposite side.. Something just feels wrong about it, I get it aligned find and it drives great but I am just concerned about failure if it is indeed bent...

Has anyone else noticed this?? I have pics showing what I am talking about at home, maybe I can post them up later tonight....
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hey another guy is selling his almost new ones for 250 in the FS section.... would that be considered the GOOD STUFF???????
I know that is the reason I am asking, his are CLEAN and looking new, mine are old and rusty and crappy.. But I dont want to replace them if mine are fine..

And Yes I consider that to be GOOD STUFF
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