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As the title reads.

A few weeks back I had a belt squeak on cold starts figured it was an old belt. Replaced it and about a week later squeak comes back on every cold start up. Thought I noticed a slight amount of play in the tensioner when I put the new belt on, so I got a new tensioner assembly this weekend. First Cold start was on my way to work this morning same squeak is back. I will take the belt off and check all pulleys like a I should have the first two times. Do you guys have any other suggestions? I searched and found lots of threads on this site and others, but not many actually address what finally fixed the problem.

I have also had a slight problem with the temp guage fluctuating slightly more than before on long drives usually on interstate. I also have noticed it seems like the heat doesn't warm up as much as it used to. I pressure tested the system and burped some air out of the coolant, but it wasn't low at all. What gives?

Should I be looking into a water pump?
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