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I bought the Pioneer ND-BC8 camera for my Pioneer AVH-X2500BT, thinking it would be easy to install. The instructions on both the camera and the head unit are really sketchy. Can someone point me to step by step instructions on how to make the electrical connections? I understand where the brown RCA cable goes. I believe the black is a ground. I can't figure out where the red wire goes. Also, it looks like there is a violet/white wire coming out of the head unit that might have to be connected to a wire so that head unit knows when car is in reverse.

I have a 2012 Xterra SE.

I want the camera to operate as advertised in the head unit manual. It should automatically come on when care is in reverse. Additionally, there is a way to turn the camera on via the head unit touch screen when not in reverse.

I have a multi-meter, but am really struggling with these poor instructions.
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