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Awful front right bearing noise!!!

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Hey All,

My second problem of the day, more difficult (and most likely expensive) than the first. My right front wheel has a squeeking/griding/vibration issue. It happens at any and all speeds, the types of noises and amount of vibrations just change. I suspect this is either a bearing or locking hub issue. I know for a fact that it's not just simply a tire balancing issue because when I crawl along at just a few MPH once per tire revolution there's a creaking/griding sound.

I replaced my front rotors during the summer so I suspect it has something to do with me not reassembling/packing the bearings correctly (why so long for something to happen?) or getting enough grease in there. I also wonder if it has to do with the recently cold temperatures. Regardless, what do you think I should do? Take it to a dealer/shop or try and take it apart to see the status of the tapered roller bearings?

Any suggestions or experience is welcome!!! Thanks, you guys (this forum) rule!!!
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First jack up the front of the truck and try to shake the tire, top to bottom and left to right. If there is any motion top to bottom chances are you need new bearings, and seals.

Good news it is a quick and relatively cheap fix (dirty though).

Could be a pad hanging up? bad bearing? rock hung up on the caliper? could be a few things other than the hub.
I currently have a slightly warped rotor causing a bit of grinding. I would follow suite with ganits advice and go from there.
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