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Do yourself a favor and get a high quality exhaust for the X if you're replacing yours and AVOID 'Walker' brand exhausts.

Got mine end of 2019. 'Quite Flow' Walker line. They claimed it was a stainless steel muffler and aluminized steel pipes (similar to galvanized). Lifetime warranty...

Well, this is how their 'stainless' exhaust looks like after 3 years:

The Nissan OE exhaust was on the truck for 15 years and looked better than this when I took it off...

The pipe on this piece of garbage rusted right through and broke off, so was forced to replace.

They tried to wriggle out of it, but in the end stood by their warranty, which is good at least. But I did not appreciate the couple of hours of my time lost with the dirty work of cutting off this rust bucket from under the truck... I have so many other better things to do.

I hate when companies make garbage and mislead consumers. End of rant.
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