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Automatic transmission swap

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2001 SE 4x4
I've been following steps from a post that explains removal, but I didn't get too far. I can't get the knob for transfer case off. It looks like 2 pieces; knob and black sleeve that are fused together or something. When I try counter-clockwise to twist it, the knob and sleeve both turn a bit but nothing loosens. Amy idea?
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The knob doesn't need to come off. Remove the 2 bolts holding the shifter to the t-case and let the shifter hang. I just had to pull my transmission twice and that's how I did it.
You need to measure the vehicle ride height at the front. I measured the height of the wheelwell at the center of the wheel. You probably won't get the keys on the torsion bars back exactly where they were on the bars so going by the length of the bolt won't work. Just make sure you adjust the height then drive it around to settle the suspension and re-measure and adjust as necessary.
Yup. If you do a search I think you'll find a tutorial with pics.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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