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August 2008 XOTM Winner!!!

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Congratulations to Alex Topousis for his awesome X and winning August's XOTM!

And if his rig looks familiar to you but from somewhere else, it's also featured at
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Congrats, nice rig for XotM!
Congrats!! That rig is a nice looking rig!! You didnt get my vote, nore did anymore but you look like a clear winner... Speaking of votes, thanks for sending my my absentee ballet guys, maybe then I could of voted!!!!
congrats on the win...
Congrats Alex!
congrats man!!!
congrats man....that is a sweet lookin rig!

Congrats Alex!!! Very nice rig!

P.S. Thanks to all the people who voted for me!
CoNgRaTs!!! Love your rig!
Congrats!!! That's one sick X!!!
Wow thanks guys, I didn't even know i was in the race! I'd post more pictures but you would probably cry looking at them. Currently I have a severely broken motor mount, and nothing from the front clip is on there. I am currently moving into a new place but as soon as I am settled in I will be sasing...
Sorry to hear about your X. Looking forward to the progressive pictures on your SAS project.
yes i cant wait to read about the sas you need to take lots of pics and have plenty of info for us!!! and i still want to do that door mod here soon :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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