2006 NISSAN XTERRA S 4x4 Black ext Gray int



-Runs great. Strong engine
-Complete transmission rebuild (2017)
-Only has 152,126 miles for an 06.
-New sway bar connector and links.
-New OEM front bumper, front grill and rear bumper.
-Recent oil change.

The BAD:

-Expired registration, wont pass Smog due to following:.
-Check Engine Light On: Code P0340- Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 2
-Needs 1 new catalytic converter (there are 2 on an Xterra)
-Having said that, it drives no differently regardless of this code.
-U joint clicks from past repair.
-Needs new tires
-Has rust on roof drain rails.
-Has dent in passenger fender.
-Driver seat wear and tear from 15 yrs of use.

OVERALL: Yes, it needs work if you were to fix it up, as it is almost 16 yrs old. Perfect for a auto restoration type DIY person. Or could be parted out. As I said, it actually runs great and the engine is strong and has zero issues when driving regardless of the bad catalytic converter.

$1000 or OBO

Kevin Matty