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Any Recommended Mechanic near Hartford, CT?

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I have found a Xterra in Columbia, Connecticut that I would like to buy, but I live a little west of Denver, Colorado. I don't want to make the 1,925 mile journey without first consulting a third party on its mechanical condition.
Is there anyone on this forum who lives near Columbia who could recommend a trustworthy mechanic?
Just researching it online brings Middletown Nissan to the top of the list, but that's about 45 minutes away from the dealer. I would say that's a bit too far to ask the seller to drive; am I correct?
Here's the Craigslist link for reference.

Thanks for your time,

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Alright, thanks for the reply.
I have been on the fence about this SUV for the past couple days, because it is a big time/money commitment before I even get the damn thing.
It didn't even occur to me about the salt/rust. Living out west, we don't encounter such things as much.
And I've heard from a few folks that say the price is high, yet when I search Craigslist, there's nothing that cheap with those miles. I guess the prices people ask for are subject to change (there is a reason those posts are still up...)

Thanks again!
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