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Hi all,

I just inherited a 2005 Xterra OR. It's a really nice looking truck and was running great, but it got me to a parking lot one morning and then wouldn't start up again to leave.

I got it to the dealership and they've told me the Radiator failed and caused the transmission to fail. I did some research and found that is a common occurrence in this year range which is a major bummer for me now that it's 10 years old with 185,000 miles. I guess I should be even more surprised that it made it that far without failing to this sooner.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with it now. The dealership quoted me about $6k to fix and that just sounds crazy for a vehicle that's this old with so many miles.

A thought that crossed my mind was potentially swapping in a manual 6 speed transmission. I found manual transmissions near me for $500 at junk yards, vs $3,000 for a junked auto tranny. I'm not sure how much difference there would be between a direct auto swap and a manual conversion or if doing the conversion would save me any money in the long run.

So what I need to figure out first is how much stuff needs to be replaced after SMOD - Radiator, Transmission, Hoses, Thermostat, Water Pump?
And second what's the best way to replace the bad transmission - auto or MT, and what's involved in swapping an MT if that's the better route.

Any thoughts you guys have on the matter would be great. Thanks a lot!
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