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EDIT: promo code XT16A !!! Good for 2 weeks only!!!

The code, to use when purchasing through the , website is XT16A

Once you've selected the 'Buy Now' button for the Lokka, there is a spot to enter the code on the next page that comes up.

It will be able to be used for 2 weeks.

Those who missed a chance on great deal for a front LOKKA the last group buy, have an opportunity to catch up!
LOKKA willing to do similar deal as the last time, meaning that we can get a price of $299 for a group of 10 people , or $259 for 20!

We got 20+ total!
8 people interested in club frontier and 3 in thenewx ( mcwrt176, roguebuck, Kinjirra )

club xterra:
greasemunkey for 2!

Get in line people!150 bucks worth of savings right there!

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We got official pricing quote!

Here is the reply I got from LOKKA just now:

Oleg Ko
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Hi Oleg,

Yeah, that's not a problem, we can offer the same deal.
$299 for 10 on the group buy is good, and we can do $259 if you reach 20.
Once you have numbers, let me know.

Lokka is an excellent Australian manufactured product, tens of thousands of units have been
sold world wide over the last 17 years.
In the last 2 years alone they have been shipped and used in USA, Australia, Kenya, France,
Ireland, England, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany,
Kazakhstan, Japan, Scotland, Trinidad, Romania, Netherlands, Cyprus, Latvia, Bulgaria, Israel,
UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Iceland, Finland, Portugal, India & Sweden.
Detailed Fitting Instructions are included for DIY installation.
LOKKA users report very positive reviews, as seen in the Testimonials.
On 01/15/16 14:29, Oleg Kostioutchetko wrote:
Thank you for reply!

I am organizing a group buy and already have a few people on board:

Another LOKKA group buy! 1st and 2nd gen - Nissan Xterra Forum

Another LOKKA group buy! 1st and 2nd gen

I will need a little bit of time to get a group like a last time.

Can you match a deal like " promo PATH15 " if I bring 10 or 20+ people with R200 and R180A front axles?

Thank you!


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In for 10 group, hopefully 20!

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for those of you getting in on the group buy, many from the first group buy got hit with a customs fee wasn't a ton was something like 40$ but just be aware.
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