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Hello all,

I am hoping that someone here might here might be able to point me in the right direction. I have read several threads about this situation here and on other forums.

It was the typical symptoms on my 2001 XE 3.3 4WD. Dash lights, tail lights, marker lights, and license plate lights are out. Unsurprisingly, the 15 amp tail light fuse under the hood was blown. The 20 amp tail light fuse on the dash fuse panel did not blow. One of the first problem areas that came up in my research were the marker lights up front. An inspection of both of them showed that the wires were in good condition with no chaffing present. However, the passenger side did have a burned out bulb. I replaced that bulb and the fuse, but the fuse blew again.

Moving to the rear I found both tail light bulbs visually appeared to be in working order. However, there was some weird looking stuff going on with some of the wiring harnesses back there. There were several apparently cut, exposed wires. It was certainly unexpected.

Passenger side:

Driver side:

Next, I checked the license plate light bulbs, both of them were burned out. I replaced all of the burned bulbs, replaced the fuse, and gave it another go. All of the lights came on for a second and then went out when the fuse popped. Luckily none of the bulbs burned, though.

Finally, I checked the trailer wiring harness. The turn signal and brake functions of the trailer lighting were working fine. But of course, no tail lights.

So my questions are these:
  • What are the next things you would check?
  • What the heck is going with my wiring harnesses under the tail light housings? Has anybody else seen anything like this? Was it a trailer wiring harness installation gone wrong?

Many thanks!

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Sounds like a problem with how they wired your trailer harness...anytime I see those blue jumper connectors I cringe, because they cause more problems than anything

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