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Alternator Belt!

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I have a VG33 in my 2004 xterra, and I snapped the alternator belt. I noticed there are 2 other belts in front of the alternator belt. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Am I taking all the belts off? Whats the degree of difficulty? Thanks in advance for your input!
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OK, got first belt off, does anyone have a picture or detailed location of second belt tensioner?
“C” and “E” are in opposite positions, at least on my 2002 with 3.3 liter. Other than that diagram looks good
You are correct, however the tensioner location is what I needed, and the picture worked great.

On an unrelated note, After replacing 2 of the 3 belts, I now have a CEL, and its for O2 Sensor 2 Bank 2, and For Crankshaft sensor. I had no CEL issues before losing my alternator belt. Should I just proceed with replacing the sensors? Is this a coincidence? Any input at all will make me feel better.
I have cleared the codes, they all returned, the O2 sensor Bank2 Sensor 2 is the first code that reappears, then after some time, the crankshaft code appears again. I have ordered the O2 sensor, and Ill start a new thread, as I'm still confused about what sensor bank2 sensor 2 is. I am guessing that its drive side, rear/bottom sensor. *Also, when monitoring that same O2 sensor with Torque and my OBDII adapter, the sensor works fine and gives good readings until the car heats up, once the car heats up, it just gets stuck at 1.3v, is this normal, will replacing the O2 sensor fix this? Why did it only start after breaking and changing alternator belt?
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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