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alternative fuels???

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As with all other X-terra owners, I'm bummed about the poor mileage, but hey, I like my Nissan too much to part with it.

Anyway, I used to own a VW diesel a while back and dabbled with biodiesel a little. Now I am wondering, if you can make biodiesel, isnt there a way to make a conventional car run on something similar? Does anyone know of any websites that offer some insight to this? Not talking about "snake-oil" crap like magnets, HHO, or stuff like that.

Thank you,

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if you are saying you want to convert your gasoline engine to a different fuel, i personally dont think it'd be worth the $ and effort
do some mpg mods, like an auto tranny cooler(if your X is auto)
convert to an electric radiator fan and ditch the crankshaft driven fan, etc
Welcome to the club!!!!

You are kinda SOL on everything.. It would be almost cheaper to trade your car in than to make it run very efficiently.. I mean there is a place down the street from me that says they can convert ANY car to full electric for a small price starting at $159,999 and they actually have it advertised on the street side like someone will see it and go wow I have that sitting in my wallet right now I need to stop by.... Its a serious ad to not a joke or anything..

there are small modes you can do to improve you MPG
atf cooler
electric fan

plus a few others as well...
show some pics of this ad.. LOL
ok i will snap some pics..
here is the CHEAP website.. I guess they havent gotten much business so their website is kinda crappy hahah cars.htm
You'd think their website would be a little better considering the price for a conversion!!! I can't believe they seriously charge over 100k to convert a car! Hell, get a Prius for 30k!!

Looking more for anyway to make your own fuel, just like you can with diesel. I know that gasoline and diesel have different properties, but they really can't be all that different, can they?
oh yes they can
and what you are wanting to do has not been done nor even attempted
Poor mileage?!?!?!?!!!???

You think my 21mpg is poor?!?!?!?!?!?? Its wonderful compared to the 11mpg Ford v8 I almost bought!
What kind of money are we talking for L.P. or N.G... Is that worth it considering highway L.P. in oregon is around $2.25 per gal....?

And what about the power loss or gains? would you see any?
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