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Hello all!

I recently lifted my Xterra ~2" with a Nisstec kit with SPC upper control arms. I got an Alignment at a Les Schwab as it was close. It drives decent, but the sleeve on the ball joint is rubbing on the driver's side. I didn't grind down the coil bucket because there was plenty of room before I got the alignment and I figured it would be alright. Looking at the alignment closer and it doesn't look like they even used the new adjustable washers I the LCA. I left the instructions for the SPC uppers will them and talked them through what I was looking for, but it just seems like they missed the mark. I ordered new boots, but even so may do the coil bucket grind...

I know it's pretty usual for people to have some issues with general techs doing alignments so I'm looking for a solid recommendation in western Washington. My main location is in Centralia, but I'm between there and Seattle for a while until I take off on an extended road trip at the beginning of February. I don't mind traveling, off the I-5 corridor.

Thanks in advance!

*Post says I'm In Canada, but I'm only up here for a few weeks visiting family.
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