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When i live its cold,,,,,,,,,, when i start my truck and if the heater is not in the defrost position,,, the truck shoots air in all vents ( if i start it and the knob is at floor for exemple)
when its at the dfrost position its ok

when i drive and wanna change the air flow to foot ,,,,, well there is not realy a difference 9 times out of 10 when i go from defrost to half half or foot the air flow is the same for both position then i go back to 100 % defrots and all air flow goes to defrost

and is it normal that when i'm lucky and get 100% foot,,, the air flow goes out like 75% to passenger side and 25% to driver side,,,,,,,,,,,,, so its boiling hot the top part of the truck and i freeze to the foots

sorry if this is not writtin correctly,, english is not my first languae thanks :)
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