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After market external spare tire carrier on the cheap...WITH PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heh. They said it couldn't be done. I not only found the "ONE", I have it installed.
Now, all of us 1st and 1.5 Gen crew know how insane external tire racks are for our rigs. Amazon has one for under $350 that only needed 1 small mod, other than the wheel bolt pattern to work. The swing away style rack for a Hummer H2. Yeah, HUMMER parts on an Xterra...

{space reserved for pictures currently on phone}


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Aw man, I just built one a couple months ago.

looks awesome though!馃
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Hey, Murph. That looks pretty stout. I like the tied in shackles, as well.
Racer.... don't miss.
I'm very happy with it, overall. Best part is, completely bolt on. Which is wonderful for those that do not have access to welding capabilities.
Bad news though- I had the timing belt pop in the Xterra. So, I'm now debating on either completing my 3.5 swap or going hard and swapping in an LS6 or 6.0 from a 2004 or so, model truck, with needed parts swapped in. (been looking at that, honestly, really heavily)

Aww man, this just happened鈥
That's a bummer鈽
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