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Acceleration and Idle issues.

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Greetings all,

So I wanted to get your expert opinions before I start throwing time and parts at my 2000 Xterra. I have been having issues with starters, I have been needing to replace them every few months...but that could just be faulty refurbished parts. Im having some issues with a rough idle and acceleration. It sounds like the engine is almost missing and shakes the vehicle when its in drive, really bad at low speeds but not so much at higher ones. Also Ive noticed at start up and initially driving there is an odor, like burning gas almost but then it goes away. Also at idle the lights almost pulse, just ever so faintly. Any ideas? Im thinking Timing Belt, not sure when it was last changed (not original owner) and its at 200K miles.

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1. Change the timing belt. Even if it was changed at its first interval, it's due for a second.

2. Starters dying quickly is typically the passenger valve cover gasket leaking oil onto it.

3. As for the rough idle etc., you'll have to start diagnosing. When was the last tune up, is the distributor original, other maintenance, etc.

Also what motor and tranny do you have?
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