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AC not blowing cold air continuously

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Hi all. I apologize in advance if I am posting something which has already been treated but I cannot fine online any answer to my problem:

I own an Xterra 2010 SE OFF Road model. The issue is the following: after having discovered a leakage at my AC system due to a crack at my condenser, I decided to change it. I have been at the mechanic who replaced the condenser and filled the gas. The system was working very well, getting cold like never before.He also checked for other leakages and for the compressor to engage and everything was working fine. After a couple of days I went for a long off road track which was very slow( max car speed 20km/h) and the ac suddenly started to blow warm and then hot air. So I opened my bonnet and check manually the temperature of the hi-pressure pipe and it was extremely hot, rather than extremely cold. I tried to cool down the system spraying some cold water on the condenser and it worked. What I can realize now is that if I m stuck in the traffic or stopped at any traffic light the ac blows warm air . As soon as I speed up the air becomes cooler,but it never reaches an optimum level, like when the car came out from the workshop.

Does anybody have an idea of what the problem could be?

I live in the middle east and at the moment the temperature is 47 degrees Celsius, so the AC is crucial. It is also crucial to find a possible cause of the problem in this part of the world, otherwise if u let the mechanic find it for you, you will loose money and your mental health.

I do appreciate any comment in advance.

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Are the fans between the radiator and engine running?

You say things are cool while the X is moving but not when slow or stopped. When the vehicle is moving air is flowing through the condenser and radiator. If the engine temperatures are in control that says the engine fan is working, so then it sounds like the AC electric fan may have stopped working.
It is good to hear your AC is working. Can't imagine how hot it is where you live.

So the problem was too much gas in the system. That is very rare but doesn't explain why the system worked well for a couple days. I'll look on the forums for details of why the AC cuts on/off with too much gas (not sure there is a high pressure cut off). Is this new electrician also a good AC technician? Seems smart since he found the fan turns on when the pressure hits a certain level, he is at least checking the system operation in detail.

About the aftermarket condenser, if it is the same size and same materials as the original, there shouldn't be much difference in how they perform. If your AC is working well, I would leave it alone. But if not and you believe what the electrician told you, then maybe I would change it.
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It probably is a lower quality but not as bad as the 4:1 price ratio would indicate. I would consider changing the condenser again only if the AC is cooling less than the original and you feel you need the better cooling.
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