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Hey guys,

Really frustrated with my 2006 SE. About a months ago after a 600 mile trip, I drove over a large bump on the highway just a few miles from home and the VDC off and ABS lights came on- 4x4 was flashing. When turning the car on the next day the lights remained and 4wd no longer worked. Took the truck to a new mechanic that had great reviews and they said it was the front ABS sensor and needed to be replaced. So great, they replaced it and all was fine until two days later when the lights came on again. I brought it back in and they told me there was a wiring issue and that needed to be replaced- this problem could not have been found if the ABS sensor wasn't replaced. After this everything was fine until earlier this week when the lights returned. I took the car back yet again and after a day's worth of diagnostics was told that the front wheel hub assembly needed to be replaced for the 4wd to return and the lights to go out again. I wasn't happy about it -another $250 fix and two days lost. Here I am a few days later and the lights have returned...anyone have tips about this mystery? Not sure if the shop is just messing with me or my car is a dud. Really tired of spending over $200 every month on non-routine maintenance. Has anyone had a similar situation with their Xterra? Aside from the money- I spend a lot of time driving in the snow through the mountains (I live in Colorado and work in sales so am always behind the wheel) and if my 4wd fails me in the middle of a treacherous drive I'm worried about my safety.

Anything will help!
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