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HI ya all. First time on this place. Please help.

2007 xterra 4x4 6cyl 203K (yup I drive a lot).

Knowing that stuff is gonna start falling apart anyminute. I have a couple questions.
My xterra has performed well. 203k road miles on the 95N. I clocked my MPG at 20. yes 20. 22 gallon tank (w/2 gal reserve) I've gone 420 miles on one tank.
Last month I lost the transmission. It was from the radiator fluid leaking into the system. My repair guy swapped another transmission in its place (used) and replaced the leaking radiator with a new one.

Since my fuel gage is broken and almost always reads empty ($600 fix) I fill up when my odometer crosses 340 miles driven. Well first tank, ran out of gas at 240 miles.
Second, ran out of gas at 250. I quickly changed my fill up pattern and say that around 240 miles I could ass 20 gallons of gas to the tank.

That is a major decline in MPG.
So, what could cause that after replacing the Trans and Rad. Without going in and having the guy changing filters and all the stuff.
Seems, one replacement triggered the problem.

I like this car, and with the new fixes and a new rear axel, it should go for another 75k or so.

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