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Hey fellas,

Recently just picked up a 2007 Xterra in Vancouver BC, Canada, originally an American car from California with 108k miles on it. So far all it needs is an alignment (dealership offered to do it but we're going to butcher me) and some more air in the spare to get the annoying light off my dash. Here as a complete noob and should be treated as such, would like to invest into making it a better machine as well as getting some tips from you guys as to what I can do to keep it running smooth (especially trying to avoid the infamous 2nd Gen coolant leak/transmission failure).

If anyone has any recommendations whether it be upgrades for reliability sake or something you just really like please let me know and why, I'm sure you guys know a ton more than me.


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How new is how new it can get? Throw up some pictures. If it is as clean as you say, keep is stock and you will never sell it.
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