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Well I did a lot of work on the X recently, as you can see from this lengthy post from the WHYDFYXT mega-thread. And this small update.

Mileage has improved (a bit, mostly where it used to be), and it's running fine now, other than slightly higher idle than before (900ish) but again that solenoid bar is bent, so there's that.

Except this weird high idle. I thought it was something tripping it out as the needle and engine would randomly jump up to 1400.

Then I played around. It only mostly occurs when I depress the clutch, and drops off every time I release back to "normal" (900ish).

I don't know how, but is there a sign one/both of the clutch cylinder(s) is going bad?
I'm also going to the root suspect... the TPS?
Or is this just something way out of left field?
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