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Hey guys

97 Nissan pickup XE....4wd....2.4 4cyl
250,000 miles....engine was rebuilt like 100,000 miles ago...

Upon leaving the job the other day it started running terrible and barely made it home...

It starts and idles rough....if you slowly push the gas pedal you can raise the RPM's as high as you like and its somewhat smooth...but if you mash the gas even at high RPM's it makes a terrible blaaaaaaaaah sound and will die.

1. Exhaust manifold had a huge crack, so we took it off and patched improvement...
2. Took exhaust loose to check if cat was improvement
3. Cleaned plugs
4. Checked wires
5. Cleaned cap points and button...didnt see any cracks in cap
6. Checked compression on all cylinders....150-160ish
7. Checked MAF and cleaned
8. Checked TPS connections
9. Replaced a cracked vac line coming from EGR thingy
10. Oil appears water free
11. Coolant is clean

Possible bad batch of gas? Maybe....Water in gas...maybe
Need to replace fuel filter...

Check engine light NEVER comes on even when turning the key initially.
I went and bought a code scanner and hooked it up and it wont come fine on my 2000 xterra and 2001 altima.

Is it safe to assume that the ECU is fried and that is causing all the problems?
What about PCM? <--- i dont know anything about this

Thanks for any advice

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Not sure if it got unplugged while running or brother was manning the underhood station while i was operating the gas pedal.
With the filter off, you have access to the hole that feeds air to the MAF...he would put his thumb over the hole and the engine would start to die, so i assumed it was working.

Forgot to mention earlier....i had about an 1/8 can left of seafoam from when i did my X...ran it in through the brake booster....obviously it didnt fix anything! =(
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