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Hello Again,

Long story short, the pulley on my 93 Nissan 4x4 d21 pickup disintegrated a couple years back and now that my xterra is broke down, i would like to have some A/C in the truck.

I lost the bolt that held the pulley on.

I went to advance and bought a pulley and they said the original pulley was no longer available and they sold me one close to the original size.

After much trial and error I have figured out the pulley "hole" size is a 12mm and the hole in the bracket that it attaches to on the truck is 10mm...

So, i guess i need a bolt that is kinda like an axle bolt, where the smooth part is 12mm and the threads are 10mm.

Anyone have any ideas that dont involve the dealership.

Ive already been to pull-a-part...all the nissans there, just like my brothers, are completely different...theirs have an actual tension bolt that you can adjust yada yada yada !

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