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Hi!! First time poster to this site so I appreciate any help.
I have been having issues with my 4wd recently. Its a 2014 Pro 4x and last weekend and I think It was stuck in 4wd low. I parked on the beach and when i went to start it up an loud high pitched alarm sounded but it turned off when i turned the car back off. Upon starting the car again i noticed that the vdc icon stayed on the dash and i was unable to turn it off. My 4wd display was also blank. I did some research in the owners guide and was unable to find any info on the audible alarm. While parked and troubleshooting i was able to get the 4wd digital screen to come back on and i was able to get rid of the constant vdc icon when i put the car in neutral and then cycled from 4lo to 4hi to 2wd and then back to 4lo. During my troubleshooting i drove the vehicle to see if it would shift out of 4lo and it didn't until i did that neutral trick. I drove it all week with no issues but The same thing happened again today on the beach just not as extreme. Today was no audible high pitch alarm and once i had the constant vdc icon i shifted to neutral and cycled from 4lo to 4hi to 2wd and back again and it cleared it. Any suggestions on what may be causing this or what service i should do to fix it. I have 93k miles on it and have not had any major work done to it just regular oil changes. My 93k are mostly highway miles. Thanks again

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