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Hi everyone. Been a while but have a question to pose. I have a 2002 XE V6 non-SC with about 180k on her. I just had the valve covers replaced at my local truck shop along with a new knock sensor put in and relocated. Tune-up was done with new Titanium NGKs, wires, and cap/rotor not too long before that because of a misfire (spoiled plugs likely because on the prior tune-up they used Gs instead of full Titaniums).

Anyway, here's the issue I've been having, albeit minor but annoying.

When I start her up she idles initially at about 2000 RPMs and then chills out closer to normal. Drives fine but I notice a very slightly rough idle at stops while in gear. When we get to a place and turn off the ignition and then restart within a short period of time she surges, then drops, surges a little again, then drops and repeats to a total of about three or four surges, then smooths out. :eek:

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