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2015 Pro 4X tire size

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Hello Xterra community!
I purchased a 2015 Xterra Pro 4X this year, and I am getting ready to upgrade the tires. I see there are a number of threads on what tire size fits, and I am seeking feedback on some specific questions. I am not ready for a lift yet, so I am seeking info on tire size specific to the Pro 4X factory suspension.

1. Will 285/75/16 tires fit with the factory mud flaps? I am seeking to keep the mud flaps as I do a lot of driving on unpaved roads.

2. Will 285/75/16 tires require the melt mod? Curious as the Pro 4X suspension seems to provide a bit more room than other trims.

3. Will ride quality be noticeably different with the load range E tires? It appears that 285/75/16 are available in load range E only, so that will be a change from the SL rating on the current 265/75/16.

I look forward to your feedback!
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