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Before balking at the price for this age, understand that a great deal of aggressive maintenance and upkeep has gone into this one. This truck has a clean title and second owner from 7k miles on. Honestly didn’t want to sell, but I cannot financially justify keeping it. Aside from routine oil changes between 3-5,000 miles (always Mobile 1 and OEM filters) the below list of items have been replaced. I have receipts for nearly everything below. Asterix indicates OEM parts.

First, know that the radiator was changed, no SMOD issue here. Second, know that the rear axle assembly was replaced with a new one and it does have the latest revision, not the 2006 differential.

(* indicates OEM parts)

*Entire rear axle assembly replaced 2020
*Both front and rear prop shafts replaced 2021
*Transmission mount replaced 2020
*Both engine mounts replaced 2020
*Both front upper control arms replaced 2020
*Rear sway bar replaced 2017
*Front sway bar bushings replaced 2021
*Fan belt replaced 2020
*Condenser fan assembly replaced 2020
*A/C system o-rings replaced due to seepage - A/C vacuumed and recharged 2022
*All brakes and rotors replaced 2020
Transmission drained, pan dropped and cleaned, refilled with Matic-S 2020
Front differential drained and refilled 80w90 Penzoil 2020
Transfer case drained and refilled with Matic-D 2020
*Spark plugs replaced in 2015 and again in 2020
*Fuel filter replaced 2013
*Fuel sending unit replaced due to recall 2015
Radiator replaced, bushing mounts replaced, system flushed and refilled with OEM long-life coolant 2020
Rear brake calipers replaced 2020
Yellow top Optima battery 2022
Full tire replacement 2020
TPMS sensors replaced 2020
Shocks and struts replaced with Bilstein-5100 2015

Additionally, I’ve left installed the brush guard, front/rear dash cam, rear backup camera, and the Pioneer AVH-1440 headset. All photos are recent. Please contact below to have a look or drive.

Contact Chris Jacks at 303-895-1576 in Commerce City, Colorado