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2006 B-Pillar rust

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Good Evening guys,

My 2006 Xterra has been a delight to drive for the past 10 years and I've kept it in very good shape. It looks great except for one spot that is rusting. On the passengers side with the front door open, there is rust appearing at the very bottom of the b-pillar, a few inches up from the rocker panel. I've attempted a couple of repairs (cleanup and repaint), but the rust keeps coming through. Clearly moisture is getting inside from the back. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd like to try a full assault repair later this spring.
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Sorry it took me forever to get back to this topic. Here is a picture of the rust at the bottom of the passengers side b-pillar, right between both doors. I threw some of that rust converter on it this past winter just to slow things down a bit, but as you can tell it didn't really help a whole lot. Three different shops looked at the spot, and two were not even willing to touch it. A third shop said they would make an attempt for $700, but there would be no warrantee on the work. It's really too bad since this is the only spot of rust on the entire vehicle.

Any advice on how to tackle this? I'd like to halt the rust since I plan on keeping my X for a few more years.


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