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I have an 04 xterra 4wd automatic and the front end squeaks like crazy. Sitting still, it squeaks from the front end the entire time you turn the wheel from side to side. With the front end stationary, if you rock the vehicle from side to side, it squeaks like crazy. both upper and lower ball joints on both sides have been replaced. Both inner and outer wheel bearings on the front have been replaced. sway bar links on both sides have been replaced, rotors on both sides have been replaced and calipers have been rebuilt. front shocks have been replaced. The thing that baffles me is this..... whatever is making the noise is not only affected by steering turning the wheels side to side, but is also affected by rocking the vehicle from side to side without moving the steering wheel. I have sprayed the crap out of all of the bushings on the front end with no luck. I would replace the steering linkages, but dont know why any of that would squeak with very small rocking movements from side to side. Any input would be appreciated.
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