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Hey everyone,
My name is Joe (that's my real name) and I recently became a Gen1 Xterra owner. Wanted to make my first post :)
My first manual transmission car, it has 4wd, and I bought it with tons of mods on it.

208k miles
Manual Transmission
Body Lift + Suspension Lift (Deluxe Susp Pkg W/3 Leaf Add A Leaf Pack & 5100 Bilstein Shocks)
Shrockworks Bumper with Skid
Shrockworks fully skid plated including gas tank skid
Swing out Tire Carrier
Frankenkit Steering system upgrade - Bandit4x4 idler arm bushings and Total Chaos idler arm brace. AC heavy duty tie rod adjusters + jam nuts, Grossroots 4x4 center link
other upgrades

Having a blast so far, will post some pics later!

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2004 Xterra XE 4WD Auto 3.3L NA V6
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Congrats on getting the last year of the Gen1, and with some sweet mods as well!

I have a 2004 4WD with auto. PML but no BL. It came with a stinger front bumper. I put a new plastic bumper cover on it, then modified the stinger and put it back on, so now it doesn't toss as much mud forward when I hit a mudhole.

I'm looking forward to pics as well!
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