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Hi. I own a low mileage 2004 XE L4 2WD Base no power anything.
I'll soon be picking up a 2004 (I believe SE) 2WD with a blown V6 for parts.

Was only going for the wheels/tires, but she decided to sell me the whole car for the same price I offered.

I will be putting the SE's 265/65/17s on to replace my 265/70/15s. Not concerned about gas mileage or tire cost I just hate how the stock steels look and need new tires anyways. - Are my 15s going to fit on the SE to get it rolled to the scrap yard?

I know the SE is higher, and have been looking into the PML for my XE (because it feels like a wagon right now).
- Are the SEs body lifted? Or do they have longer shackles that might be compatible with the XE PML?

I like the push bar on the SE, and would like to put it on mine. I know I'll be adding more weight to my poor 4cylinder but it may come in handy with traffic/no tow hitch being on the front. Looks like it has a modified bottom front trim that allows for the bars to come through from the mounting point.
- Is this swappable? Is it stupid?

There is a tow hitch on the SE.
- Is my L4 enough to tow a pop-up camper?

Are there any other cross compatible components that I should keep for future repairs on my rig? Are there any non compatible parts that are sought after that I should part out before scrap?

Inb4 "shoulda bought a v6" lol.
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